Microwave Ovens: Dangerous Improvement

The microwave oven is an invention that everyone takes for granted, and uses every day, without realizing how helpful it is. Whether it’s popcorn or a frozen dinner, we all use microwaves to cook food fast an easy. But how does something so compact cook food so quickly? In the microwave oven, microwaves are sent into the microwave oven, and are bounced off the walls. The microwaves enter the food and spin water molecules in the food, at about two and a half billion times a second, causing friction in the food producing heat.

The first issue with microwaving food products is the uneven cooking the microwave gives food. Many new mothers have reported burning there child mouth, because burning hot milk was not detected due to certain parts being hotter than others. Another issue found with microwave cooking is the products used to cook foods in. Although many products say “Microwave Safe,” this does not eliminate the risk for carcinogenic toxins entering the food. When talking about older models of microwave ovens, radiation is an issue that may need to be looked in to. Newer microwaves have windows with special material that blocks microwaves from passing through them, which are FDA approved, making them safe for consumer use. Older microwaves however, may not have the same technology in place, which can be harmful in some instances. Some other risks being researched due to microwave ovens include: heart issues, nutrient damage, sickness from microwaved food, and changes in blood. Even though the microwave oven is a quick and convenient tool for cooking food, there is potential danger to both you and your food.


Source: http://articles.mercola.com/sites/articles/archive/2010/05/18/microwave-hazards.aspx

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